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What documents should I have handy ?
We will underwrite your loan based on the information you provided on your application and will then request only the documentation needed. Based on your credit, equity and/or down payment, some documentation might be waived by the automated underwriting systems we utilize.
Use the following only as a guideline on what to expect in terms of documentation requirements:
To save time and expedite the application process, be ready to provide the credit, income, social security number, assets, liabilities, residence and enployment history for the last 2 years for you and that of your co-borrower(s)
For All Borrowers
Completed Loan Application. We will do it for you, or you can do it yourself online or thru fax.
Most recent 2 months of bank statements (on loans that need assets verified)
Most recent hazard insurance statement or new insurance information
If you are not a U.S. Citizen, a copy of your Alien Registration Card
Copy of a current government issued ID
For Purchase Transactions
A fully executed copy of your purchase agreement.
Name of Escrow and Title Companies
Name and full contact info of your and the seller's Real Estate agent. (We need to keep them informed of the status of your loan)
For Salaried Borrowers on Full Doc Loans
Your most recent checkstub to verify income covering a 30 day period and showing your year to date income.
Most recent 2 years W 2s
For Self Employed Borrowers on Full Doc Loans (Including Commissioned borrowers)
Most recent 2 years of complete personal federal tax returns.
For Retired Borrowers
Copies of the retirement Award Letters
For Borrowers Who Are Currently Renting
The name, address and phone number of your landlord might be necessary to verify your payment history.
For Borrowers Subordinating Their Existing 2nd Trust Deeds or HELOCs
Copy of the Deed of Trust & the Note (HELOC Agreement in case of Helocs) of the loan being subordinated
Please note that the subordination process could delay the closing of your loan by at least 2 - 3 weeks, puting your rate lock at risk. We will offer you a free refinance of your existing 2nd TD if you would like.

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